The Family Path Promotes Fitness and Family Bonding

We design and manufacture outdoor exercise equipment for adults/teens and developmental play equipment for youths.

Our mission is to create an optimal setting for family fitness and family bonding, where parents can be role models and help engage their children in physical activity. We transform community parks and walking paths into safe and self-guided fitness environments for the entire family.

The Family Path is the brainchild of Gary Simmons, leading exercise and child development expert. “The secret to keeping kids active is to lead them down a path of physical activity when they are very young,” says Simmons. He believes if parents demonstrate a healthy fitness lifestyle, their children will follow in their footsteps and sense that physical activity is a way of life; something they do together as a family. [more]

Core Strength, Coordination and Balance

When designing The Family Path, Simmons invented core strength exercises for adults/teens and developmental play apparatus to help children, as young as two, enhance their coordination, balance and general strength -- the key elements for physical development.


Dr Michael Goran, renowned Professor of Preventive Medicine at the
Keck School of Medicine of USC and leading researcher on child obesity says,
Gary's Family Path is an innovative approach to promote physical activity and to
tackle our seemingly increasing sedentary lifestyle for the entire family
while teaching them how to be environment friendly at the same time."